Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Official Result

Here are the results of our ride across the Alps. Every day, we arrived in the top 20. We loved number 13 !

Official result Transalp 2012

Stage 7: Trento - Arco

Stage 7: Trento - Arco

Unbelievable! This would be the last stage of Transalp 2012. The start in Mittenwald seems to be away ages. And this afternoon, transalp will be finished...

The start in Trento has been neutralized over 7km, which left 3km to get in the right position for the climb. But after 6 days, this was the first one Jochen felt not as strong as before. Nevertheless, it was nice to see that it took the strong team Strassacker quite some time to overtake us. Shortly before the the first water point on the top, Jochen rode ahead to fill up our bottles. This strategy had worked out very well the day before already.

The downhill was very fast, without narrow switchbacks, but high speed curves and straight parts. And even Barbara felt very well now on the downhill! So we could stay in a fast group together with team NP Suisse with Milena Landtwing (Swiss MTB Champion). She certainly had quitted the race the day before (we do not know the reason), but rode today. Somehow, we felt, that she enjoyed the ride without any pressure.

When we reached the second water point, we did not stop but decided to make it to the finish line as fast as possible. Two nice guys (SW_Team Reichenbach/BMW Radsport 267) pulled us a bit, we felt tired. Finally, Jochen took the lead of the small group (including female team Sonosan-Multipower) and pulled it towards the last descent.

Now, Barbara smelled the finish line. We passed several riders, among them the Italian team "GSALPILATTE - B.R.PNEUMATICI" (with the former World and Olympic champion Dorina Vaccaroni), which was on position 10.... We flew down and nobody could have stopped us. We flew around the switchbacks, overtook cars and even men teams and where so happy when we crossed the finish line.

Jochen's conclusion: I'm proud of our performance and I'm proud Barbara did so well downhill. If we would have done it this way since the start in Mittenwald.... I guess we could have finished among the Top10.

Barbara's conclusion: For my first road bike transalp, the result is far above my expectations. This week, I have taken confidence in my downhill skills and I'm sure, we could be stronger next year. But first: let's go to Craft Bike Transalp!!!

Arriving at Arco

What's next? Transalp 2013?

After this fantastic result, we think about starting again in 2013 - with the clear goal to finish in the top 10. However, there are two important things which we have to find a solution for: time and money, the high costs (starting fee, accommodation, transportation and clothes) being the biggest challenge.
Hopefully, with the performance we showed this year, it will be easier to find someone to support us - do not hesitate to contact us!

Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Relaxing at Jentschura in St.Vigil

As promised earlier here is the picture of us in St.Vigil. Thanks a lot to Stefan Schwenke who took this photo and sent it to us as fast as we biked :)

Jochen and Barbara relaxing in St.Vigil

The photo was taken after stage 2 in St.Vigil when we were relaxing, getting alkaline again and did carbohydrate loading with Jentschura "Tischlein Deck Dich" and "Morgenstund".

Special thanks to our supporter

The last week only one important thing was in our mind: do the race, bike like hell.

And this was only possible because we had a great supporter who managed all the hotel stuff for us. Prior to the event, he searched hotels and made reservations. He transported all our stuff from hotel to hotel. And if you know what we put all in the bags.... you know what he has done (even with aching wrist).

He checked possible type of payments for the hotel, access to Internet if available, arranged time for breakfast, drove us to the start and picked us up at the finish line if necessary, handled our after race bags, .... and the hardest task of all: tried to motivate us day by day.

Compared to the other top 20 teams, this might sound very modest, but without Matti and our mascot, dog Stella, we would not have been able to do as good as we have.

Supporter: Matti

Thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks a lot!



The day we arrived in Brixen, we stayed in a great hotel where we got a huge holiday flat - you have already seen a picture of the view. It's not really close to Brixen but in a side valley called "Villnöss-Tal". We have certainly not written more about the hotel, trying to keep this a secret. But as the owner was happy to be mentioned, we are happy to recommend: Pension Sonia

Again thank you for the hospitality, helpfulness (bike wash) and service (shuttle for dinner).

Furthermore, we would like to talk about the great restaurant where we had dinner: Dreimädelhaus. It has been recommended by the owner of the pension and was ... awesome. A fantastic atmosphere with a great view to the mountain scenery. And not to forget the food. We had a great beef scallop but the handmade pizza on the table next us looked really tasty, too.


Stage 6: Crespano del Grappe - Trento

Stage 6: Crespano del Grappe - Trento

Today, summer arrived! When we arrived in Crespano del Grappa the day before, temperatures were above 35°C. This day started as yesterday had ended: with temperatures at ~25°C (at 7:30 am). Barbara was afraid of a long, hot day...

The stage with its 146km was the longest of this year's transalp. The first 25km out of Crespano to the bottom of the first climb up to Asiago were guided and required a lot of concentration due to frequent accelerations and slow downs. On the other hand this dispelled our fear that it will become a fast and hard right from the beginning.

The climb was already hot, but ok. The high plateau with it's short ups and downs wasn't always easy for us because from time to time we lost contact to the group, either because of short increase of speed or short hills to fast for us or simple because of traffic which thwarted us. But repeatedly we managed to catch up and stay with them to curve down the switch backs.

Then, we had about 15km to the next climb. Weather was ok so far, but now, temperature became too hot for Barbara, who appreciates anything between 10°C and 28°C. Jochen, however, enjoyed it - finally, it was summer!

Fortunately, the climb to Melignon was not too steep, and tunnels (Barbara loved them) allowed us to cool down from time to time. We frequently asked supporter vehicles for water and there was no way to skip the water points today - one of the reasons we "lost" time to the best (Top10) teams as they were supported along the road without having to stop.

This day clearly showed the spirit of this event. No matter which team/supporter along the road we asked for water - they shared it with us, too. So, thanks to everybody along the road (Swix, Rush, Fitnessturm, Flachau, etc. )!

Finally, the downhill to Trento. Time recording was 10km before the town and we managed to make speed. Happy, we arrived finally on the place in front of the cathedral. When we looked at the results, we stated that we arrived certainly (only) 13th today again, but that we advanced to the 11th place overall!!

Arrival in Trento, to fast for the photographer :-)

We studied the results and the big question was: Would we be able to be number 10?